How It Works

Launch Rebates makes sure that you get the BEST PRICE on the planet when it comes to buying any new Internet Marketing product such as premium software, tools, apps, training courses and other resources that are launched into the market every day.

It is our way of expressing thanks to our customers who use our exclusive cashback deals to buy new products.

It's as easy as 1,2,3

It's extremely simple; we just pass on a big part of our affiliate commission, straight to you, as cashback.
It's the perfect way to earn money back on your internet marketing purchases.


How To Get Started

Step 1 – Browse Deals

Browse our site and choose from hundreds of exclusive cashback deals.

We strive to bring you the latest, most reputable offers and product launches available every day. If there is an offer you'd like to see listed on Launch Rebates, please tell us about it here.

Step 2 – Buy A Product

Any products you buy using our link you'll earn cashback. Simply click through to the sales page and complete your purchase. 

We recommend clearing your browser cookies to ensure that all purchases are properly tracked by the affiliate networks we work with.

Step 3 – Claim Your Cashback

After you make a purchase through Launch Rebates, please use the form on this page to claim your cash rebate(s).

Upon receiving your request, a ticket will be created for you and the rebate(s) will be added to your earnings within 48 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Offer Cashback?

Very simple! For every product that you purchase via this portal, we get compensation from the seller in form of a commission. What we do then is simply pay you back a part of that commission so that you get the best price when you buy new products though our links.

We prefer to offer you cash rebates via PayPal and not some crap bonuses such as PLR & MRR products that you do not need.

We hardly keep a few bucks from the commission received towards the cost of maintaining this website healthy and our rebate service.

How Do I Receive The Cashback?

In order to obtain the cashback, you have to submit a request via the form on this page.

Upon receiving your request, a ticket will be created for you which will be processed by a member of our staff within 48 hours. We'll verify if your purchase was properly recorded against our affiliate account and then add the cashback amount to your earnings.

Once your account balance reaches $25, you will be able to withdraw the funds to your Paypal account. The typical payout processing time frame varies from 1 day to 3 days. We are not going to keep you waiting for 30+ days until the refund period expires. We will process your request as soon as possible and send your cashback earnings to you via Paypal.

*Please note that we process cashback payouts via PayPal only. For some reason, if you are not able to use your PayPal account, you will be unable to redeem your earnings at this time.

Are There Any Processing Fees For Withdrawing Money?


All fees are covered by us, including Paypal fees. We do not charge any fees for processing payouts either.

Can I Receive Cashback On A Product If I Didn't Use Your Link?

Unfortunately you can't.

Purchases are tracked based on the last referrer source. To get cashback on any purchases you make, our link needs to be the last referral before the purchase takes place.

What Happens If I Want To Get A Refund?

If you are unsatisfied with the product you purchased, you may contact the seller during the refund period and request a full refund. If a refund is issued to you, we will be notified and the rebate amount for that particular purchase will be manually deducted from your balance (normally before a payout).

If your cash balance dips below $0 into negative amount, we'll send you a Paypal invoice equivalent to the amount that's below $0. A negative balance can ONLY occur if you request a refund after you cashed out your balance.

Do You Have Any Disclaimer?

Yes, of course we do!

As you know, the cash-back can be given only when a sale is recorded against our affiliate account. But in some cases – one or two cases out of hundred – the sale may not be recorded against our affiliate account – and hence no cash rebate is possible – when one of the following things happen:

  • The buyer (that's you) didn’t enable cookies on your web browser during the purchase of the product. Please note that most affiliate systems track the purchases via cookies.
  • You enabled the cookies, but had multiple browser windows open (where by you clicked other sites as well to attempt to buy the same product) and hence the sale wasn't recorded against our affiliate account.
  • Everything went fine but still the sale wasn't recorded against our account due to some downtime in the tracking system or bug.
  • Any other one-in-a-million situation that was unforeseen (e.g. affiliate program disruption, vendor business closing down etc).

As we mentioned, this will be likely one off cases but in our experience it is 99% foolproof and you can trust us as we are very HONEST and TRANSPARENT about it. If you aren’t convinced, please read the testimonials of our happy customers.

Any Guidance For Hassle-Free Use Of This Site?

Yes. Firstly, please make sure cookies are enabled in your browser as this site as well as our affiliate partners use cookies.

Secondly, subscribe to our mailing list to get notified when we publish new Cashback deals.

And finally, please send only ONE request for your cashback related queries. Multiple tickets for the same offer make our job harder and can cause delays in processing your cash rebate.