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Awesome service!

Thanks for the rebate. I received it as promised after my purchase. I will definitely use this site again in the future.

Mark Mullin
I love Launch Rebates!

It is very useful and it saves me money! I love launchrebates!

Best cashback site for IM!

Best cashback site for IM. This site is reliable and dependable. The great thing is that it is very easy to use and I got my rebate very fast!! I use this site for all my internet marketing shopping needs. Overall best site ever.

Dan Collins
What a great site!

What a great site. When a friend sent me the link two months back I was a bit skeptical. However, totally unfounded - this is great. Have got back about $65 so far, simply by purchasing products I need anyway! Great stuff!! THANK YOU!

Thomas Lowe
Amazing stuff!

They say 'if it sounds too good to be true, then it must be too good to be true'. Well, initially, I thought that about Launch Rebates - and I was so wrong. Over $50 cashback for buying products I would have bought anyway. Amazing stuff!

Carlos Ferrera
Brilliant site!

wrote a blog recently about being a little disappointed of not receiving funds. I TAKE IT BACK!!! Have figured out the need to request the payment to be transferred....very happy now. Duh! Brilliant site.

Excellent service!

Excellent service, amazing deals & so far I have got back over $150 in cash back!! I have recommended it to all of my IM friends & I would rate Launch Rebates 6 out of 5 stars 🙂

Great website, fantastic payouts!

Great website, fantastic payouts. I've earned back over £100 this year in cashback. Brilliant idea for just buying the products I would normally buy, no complaints from me as payouts are made easy to understand and whole process is very smooth!!

Why? Oh Why?

... Didn't I know about this site earlier - having bought hundreds of products over the years this could have saved me a fortune. Though being registered now could be a Godsend.

Textpert Media
I really like this service!

I really like this service. Getting a discount on all of my purchases instead of many of the useless bonuses offered by many JVs is a great alternative in my opinion. I have gotten my first rebate payment and this service works pretty easily. Highly recommended.

Pete Stone
Highly Recommended!

I'm always searching and reviewing great products online to provide value-added services and solutions for my local small to medium business clients (SMBs). Via Launch Rebate$ you can find recommended products that makes our service offerings as local expert business consultants much easier and quicker to deliver to our customers; also the fact that you receive an almost immediate rebate on your purchases makes this even a better deal. Timeliness of date of product launch is also appreciated to get new solutions and tools at the lowest price. I have seen rebates for my product purchases added into my account and requested withdrawals processed within 24 hours. Highly Recommended.

David Afana
It Works Super!

I have very good experiences with LaunchRebates and I recommend it a lot. The cashback come very quick after purchase in my backoffice!

This site is absolutely fantastic!!

This site is absolutely fantastic!! I have just received my first $50 just by buying through this site. They are extremely helpful if you have any issues and I only wish I had found them sooner - thank you so much, you're the best!!

Grace Chislett
Fantastic site!

Fantastic site - I always check out whether cashback might be available on any IM purchases I would normally make. Very friendly communications from helpful team - highly recommend to everyone!

Nick Turner
Thanks for what you do! Great service!

Thanks for what you do! Great service. Love it. Always think of LR first now when I'm contemplating a new IM product purchase. Screw the crap PLR bonuses! Show me the the money!!! 🙂

Karl S.
You guys are simply the best!

You guys are simply the best. You have added so much value to all my purchases with your amazing rebate deals.

Just awesome is all I can say. I'm now addicted to buying from you guys.

Keep up the good work.

Tich Gombiro
I have saved hundreds of $$!

I have used Launch Rebates for probably a couple of years now and I am so glad I stumbled onto their site by accident when I did! I have saved hundreds of $$! I am also impressed with the speed that my rebates are paid after I submit the (simple to use) claim form. Unless I want a specific bonus that an affiliate is offering on a product launch I will always buy through Launch Rebates.

Ian Browning


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